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2015-2016 Results
Parents and Players.   2015-2016 was a fantastic year...
Conduct and Respect
Dear Parents and Players.   Front and center with every youth...
2015-2016 Results

Parents and Players.


2015-2016 was a fantastic year for TYB, which could only have been accomplished with the support of the parents, the dedication of the coaches, and the enthusiasm of our players. Please know that the league greatly appreciates every one of you.


Third and Fourth Grade Boys - TYBA

This year we had over sixty boys participating in our third and fourth grade program, which allowed us to field six very competitive teams. Our coaches, both veterans and first-timers, did an incredible job developing the players over the course of the season. After a spirited tournament, the TYBA champion was Duke. TYB then fielded two teams into the post-season Immaculate Conception Tournament, with Coach Harding’s team winning the title. A team of fourth graders also participated in an exhibition game against Immaculate Conception’s fourth grade team, which game TYB won as well.


Third and Fourth Grade Girls - TYBA

Twenty-nine girls participated this year, with four teams having some terrific games over the course of the season. We were fortunate to have some excellent coaches at the helm teaching how the game should be played. UConn won the title following an undefeated regular season. The coaches also selected players from each team to compete in two exhibition games against Newburyport’s two fourth grade travel teams, as well as in the Immaculate Conception tournament. This group won both exhibition games as well as all four of its tournament games to win the IC title.


Fifth and Sixth Grade Boys – TYBA

Close to fifty boys participated on five teams this year, with significant individual and team development shown over the course of the season. Our coaching staff did a great job. The wire-to-wire winner was Boston College, but the game of the year was the four-overtime semifinal between Iowa and Florida. TYB was also fortunate to expand our relationship with Newburyport, IC, and Amesbury so that these teams could experience a variety of opponents. Our fifth grade MVP was Max Ciaramitaro and our Sixth Grade MVP was Jared Leonard. Both of our IC Tournament teams made the semifinals of the IC Tournament.


Fifth and Sixth Grade Girls – TYBA

We had fantastic participation at this level this year and were able to field three teams. Thanks to a partnership with Georgetown and the Immaculate Conception, these three teams had a full schedule and the teams showed remarkable development on account of some terrific coaches. Texas was our TYBA champion this year and also finished second (by a point!) in the Immaculate Conception Tournament. Jordan Treseler was our fifth grade MVP and Jamie Caron was our sixth grade MVP.


Seventh and Eighth Grade Boys – TYBA

Phenomenal year at this level. With over forty boys participating, we were able to field four full teams with veteran coaches leading each squad. There were many memorable games at this level, including a multi-overtime game between the Cavs and IC 6. The Cavs ended up as our regular-season champions and our coach-selected 8th grade team made the semifinals of the Immaculate Conception tournament. Lucas Lopes was our 7th grade MVP and Barry Nangle was our 8th grade MVP.


Boys Travel

TYB fielded travel teams at the fifth through eighth grade levels in the sixteen-team Cape Ann League and these teams finished fourth, sixth, eighth, and third (respectively) in the regular season, with all four teams qualifying for the Cape Ann Division 1 (Large) tournament. This was a first in program history. The highlight was the Fifth Grade team pushing Marblehead to a winner-take-all game in the final before ending up as the Division 1 runner-up. Our 8th grade team finished their career with the most Cape Ann wins over four years in the history of the TYB program.


Girls Travel

Our girls’ travel program had an unprecedented year. We fielded teams at the fifth, sixth, and eighth grade levels in the competitive North Shore Girls league. Our Fifth Grade team had a 12-3 regular season and made a run to the Division 2 semifinals. Our Eighth Grade Team earned the No. 1 seed in the Division 2 tournament and delivered on their high seed with a Championship! Finally, in truly amazing fashion, our Sixth Grade Team followed up their Division 1 title in the 2014-2015 season (the first Division 1 title in TYB history) with a repeat performance this year!


Finally, please make sure that all uniforms (fifth-eighth grades) are returned to your coach as soon as possible.


Thank you again for your continued support of our program. As we receive information about various camps and clinics offered over the summer, we will post these to our website under a tab entitled “2016 Summer Opportunities”. Please also check in on our Facebook page and twitter account (@TritonYouthHoop).


We look forward to seeing you all again in the fall.

by posted 03/21/2016
Conduct and Respect

Dear Parents and Players.


Front and center with every youth sports organization is the need for RESPECT. At TYB, we take this very seriously and mandate that everyone involved with the program show respect for the players, coaches, parents, referees, other spectators, volunteers and the facilities where we have the privilege to play. Everyone needs to be aware of the guidelines that TYB has in place; on our website under “Policies” are both our Conduct Policy and our Player Protection Policy. Every player, parent, and volunteer is responsible for reading and reviewing these policies – we would encourage each family to review them together with their player(s). As stated in each policy, the failure to abide by these procedures can result in immediate dismissal from the program for the player/coach or the removal of the parent/spectator from a game or all future games.

Finally, please show respect for the schools and gymnasiums that we are fortunate to be able to use. Please leave them as you found them and pick up after yourselves when you leave. In particular, take all water/Gatorade bottles with you. Finally, no TYB invitee has any right to be in any other part of these schools other than the hallway, bathroom and gym. If people do not show respect for these schools, then we will lose the right to hold practices/games there and will have to shut down the program.

We are all here so that the players can have fun, develop some basketball skills, and, at the program’s best, learn a life lesson or two along the way. Let’s ensure those lessons are positive.

It’s all about RESPECT.


by posted 11/05/2014